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Justice Crew boys busy rehearsing to rock central Queensland

EVERYBODY let the good times roll - that is for those hip-hop, dance-crazed fans who love the catchy beats and manoeuvres of the seven boys known as Justice Crew.

The guys are ready to hit Rockhampton on Saturday, and this week the rehearsals have been constant in preparation for the huge gig.

Group member John Pearce says they are expecting quite a big crowd at the family friendly event.

"We like to get everyone involved… we like to get the party started," he says.

Over Christmas the boys took some much-needed time off, to enjoy the festive season, but this year will be hectic as they plan their national tour.

"We're constantly trying to put together an EP - it takes a lot of our time," John says.

"But it's like having a hobby as a job." And what a life the boys now have.

They are travelling, showing the world their dance skills, and constantly improving their musical abilities.

"We've changed so much now," John says.

The group member says while the troupe is stronger in dancing, the team started singing after winning Australia's Got Talent in 2010.

"We find ourselves growing stronger with singing every day," John says.

Their United States travel experiences have also enhanced their skills and John says they want to tour America.

And how long for exactly?

"Who knows? Depends on whoever buys tickets - a year maybe?"

Their first trip to America, which lasted three weeks, consisted of flights across the country for their radio promotional expedition, while their second journey saw them travel the US for more than five weeks.

"In America everything was really exciting for us," John says.

"To go out to each place and see different people and lifestyles… and so many different accents."

But unfortunately with such a busy 2013 schedule, the boys were only able to produce the one hit, titled Everybody, which has more than two million hits on You Tube.

John says this year will be a different story and they have already been working on numerous songs.

In the past, several members struggled with broken homes and financial hardship before Justine Crew began.

John says he and his brother Len did not grow up with those struggles.

"I grew up in Eastwood in Ryde, Western Sydney," John says.

"Some of the guys grew up around trouble but me personally - I sort of stayed out of trouble."

But trouble or not - all the guys now seem to have found pleasure and purpose in the dance troupe.

And while a few little fights may take place occasionally - common sense with seven guys touring together - the troupe is bonded like brothers.


  • WHAT: Justice Crew Concert
  • WHERE: Hegvold Stadium, Sir Raymond Huish Dr, Rockhampton
  • WHEN: Saturday, doors open 7pm
  • TICKETS: Go to ticketbooth.com.au
Justice Crew will take the stage in Rockhampton for a massive event on Saturday. Photo Contributed
Justice Crew will take the stage in Rockhampton for a massive event on Saturday. Photo Contributed Contributed