Just remember to ask your loved ones: ‘are you okay?’

IT'S been said before, and I'm more than happy to say it again - and again - and again.

People, we need to keep talking.

We need to keep checking up on our loved-ones, our neighbours, our mates, to make sure that they are okay.

If we all did this and made a conscious effort to do so, the chances are we could prevent somebody taking their own life.

Just think, if we could save just one life the effort's been worthwhile.

Suicide has become quite a problem in our city in recent times, and it's something we all need to address.

The ceremony to remember those who have died through taking their own lives on Tuesday was a poignant reminder of how important it is to keep in touch.

And tomorrow it's RUOK Day - the day when you need to make sure your workmates are okay.

Just do it.

Check up on the people around you.

You could be surprised at the response you get. Many are just waiting for someone to ask "are you okay?"