Lachlan Hill and May Bandi launch Tirtyl.
Lachlan Hill and May Bandi launch Tirtyl.

‘Just add water’: Redundancies give rise to smart soap

The journey of two Sunshine Coast locals who have launched a revolutionary "just add water" soap will be captured in a documentary by a US filmmaker.

Brought together by COVID-19, entrepreneur May Bandi, 29, and environmentalist Lachlan Hill, 30, pooled together their life savings and set themselves a bold challenge to start a sustainable business in just six months.

Tirtyl, which came on the market on Monday morning, was born from the duo's concerns about the increased plastic waste associated with face masks and sanitiser bottles.

The hyper-concentrated soap tablets create 250ml of foaming hand soap liquid when added to water.

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With the entertainment industry at a standstill, GoPro's former creative director and freelance filmmaker Justin Whiting was searching for his next project and Tirtyl peaked his interest.

"Two polar-opposite characters, effectively made redundant from COVID, pooling together their life savings to invent an awesome new product, start a brand and launch the product in just six months - yep you could say that's a filmmaker's dream," Mr Whiting said.

Mr Bandi said he was shocked when Mr Whiting approached him.

"I don't think when he signed the contract he knew that we didn't even know the difference between aperture and shutter speed," Mr Bandi said.

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Six months on, Mr Bandi and Mr Hill have launched their first product.

"Having a film crew following our every move has definitely given the extra motivation to make Tirtyl a roaring success," Mr Hill said.

The Tirtyl Tablets are just like Berocca tablets except they make foaming hand soap when tap water is added.

The tablets not only prevent buying new plastic soap bottles but Tirtyl has partnered with Plastic Bank to pick up one bottle of ocean-bound plastic for every tablet sold.