Just a snip, and mum calls in police over uniform row

A FURIOUS mother has demanded police investigate a teacher who she says cut two labels off her daughter's designer shoes.

Olivia Adams, 13, was told the tiny green and red tags on her black Kickers shoes broke an "all-black" uniform rule at North School, in Ashford, England.

But she was shocked when a staff member apparently knelt down and cut off the tags - while the shoes were on her feet.

The girl's mother, Claire Pamment, immediately complained to head teacher Lesley Ellis, who apologised and offered her $90 to buy a new pair, the Daily Mail reports.

But Ms Pammett took the row to police, insisting the staff member committed criminal damage and assault.

The incident escalated when Olivia was suspended for a week for naming the teacher on Facebook.

Ms Pammett, a customer services adviser, said: 'I'm fuming. They cut the tabs off my daughter's shoes while they were still on her feet - I just can't believe it. They can't go around doing things like this."

The incident on November 7 came after 60 students were sent home in September for not adhering to the strict uniform policy.

Kent Police were "reviewing a complaint''.