Junior Queen crown has opened doors for Mackenzie

Former Junior Queen winner Miss Price has high hopes for her future in acting.
Former Junior Queen winner Miss Price has high hopes for her future in acting. Mike Richards GLA010414MACK

MACKENZIE Price is a talkative, beautiful 13-year-old girl with the world at her feet. S

he is the quintessential teenager who loves shopping, hanging out with her friends and writing.

But the Toolooa State High School student is more than just a pretty face: she is a Junior Queen, crowned at the 2013 Gladstone Harbour Festival with a sparkling tiara and golden sash.

Although a new queen will don the tiara at this year's Harbour Festival, Mackenzie is proud of what she has achieved since the event last year.

"It has helped me get towards a scholarship to Toolooa and the position as council member at school," she says.

"The scholarship is for drama and musical arts. I got it and it helps me with fees, laptops and stuff like that."

Funnily enough, Mackenzie nearly missed out on the event altogether after making a last-minute decision to enter.

"My friend said we should totally do it."

Her mother Angelique said the entry date had actually passed and her daughter rang her two days from the event to announce she was going in.

That last-minute decision is one Mackenzie will cherish forever.

Up against 10 other girls, the brunette's personality shined and she was able to come up with good responses to the interview questions.

"One of the questions they asked was if someone came to Gladstone, what would be the first thing you showed them? I said the lights at Christmas time in Gladstone.

"And what can you do to help the community? I said I would make a community garden to fundraise for events like the Harbour Festival."

The Year 8 student won a deportment voucher for etiquette classes, jewellery and fast-food vouchers.

"It's not as scary as it seems, it's basically like talking to a teacher.

"It's helped me a lot."

Mackenzie's ambitions are not to become the next Miss Universe but a forensic scientist "on the smart side", or an actress.

Mackenzie will compete in the Teen Queen category next year, with competition rules not allowing winners to enter twice in a row.

2014 Harbour Festival

  • WHEN: Sunday, April 13, until Easter Saturday, April 19
  • WHERE: Gladstone Marina Parklands
  • ENTRY: Free