Toad busters must go forth to search and destroy plague pest

SORRY, but cane toads have got to go.

It's nothing personal. It is for the greater good. They simply have to go.

There are plenty of problems stemming from the recent floods. Apparently one of those problems is an explosion in the number of toads in our region.

The floods reminded us that our technology, intelligence and money is never going to be as strong as nature.

Actually, an even greater example is our battle against cane toads. They are tiny and dumb, but we still can't beat them.

Next week, dedicated people who care about the environment will take part in a big effort to search and destroy toads (read story here).

May God go with them, for they must kill as many toads as possible.

If you are one of those people who believe it is wrong to kill helpless cane toads, please stand aside so the rest of us can get on with reality.

We are all for killing toads as painlessly as possible.

It is not the toads' fault they are bad for the environment - they just are.