Campbell Gellie

Julia, 13, has the lowdown on books for young adults

Name: Julia Crees

Age: 13

What are you reading?

Escape from the Forest. It's about a rogue cat that fell in love with the leader of shadow clan.

At first she thought he was nice and then found out he is evil. I am re-reading it. Later she finds out she is pregnant.

I am re-reading 12 Erin Hunter books. Not all of them are about the same characters but they are all the same sort of illustrated novel.

Who is your favourite author?

Erin Hunter.

When do you read?

When I am in the car, before bed or in front of the TV.

What sort of books do you like?

I'm not too sure. I kind of like animal books.

Which do you prefer out of Lord of the Rings and the Twilight series?

I guess Lord of the Rings because I have played the Lego games and they are pretty fun.

Have you read former premier Campbell Newman's new book?

I recognise him but I haven't read his book.