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Jude Law fed up of intrusion

JUDE Law is fed up of his private life overshadowing his career.

The 40-year-old actor, who was previously engaged to Sienna Miller, has four children with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and a daughter with American model Samantha Burke, believes public perception of him is largely fuelled by "untrue" information about his relationships.

The 'Sherlock Holmes' star told The Sunday Times' Culture magazine: "I have a notion that the majority of the perception is fuelled by, sadly, an awful lot of stuff written about my private life that a) isn't true, and b) if it is true is nobody's business, and certainly shouldn't be a reflection on what I do at work."

Jude also defended 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker Miley Cyrus, 20, against her critics after a string of controversial performances and said that her success shows "the proof is the pudding."

He added: "Young Miley Cyrus has caused all this scandal but she's got two number one hits, she's making loads of money and she'll carry on getting coverage."

Jude previously admitted he is relieved to be getting older as he is being offered different opportunities.

He said: "In a weird way, it's kind of a relief to think, 'Oh, I know I'm not that young sort of pretty thing anymore.' "