Everyone looks beautiful at formal no matter the price tag

IT wasn't too long ago I was frocking up for my high school formal.

The event is certainly no small feat to organise for those involved and for those behind the scenes.

First I bought my dress, a purple full-length gown, just shy of $400. Although this is a fair amount of money, it was like small change to others who spent nearly $1000 on their dress.

But with all the excess expenses on top of the dress, like the hair, makeup, nails and tan, it all adds up.

And on the night, everyone looks beautiful anyway; regardless of whether they spent $1000 or $50.

At my formal, we had to walk down a street filled with people on both sides of the road.

It's safe to say, my partner Jacob had to put up with some pretty sweaty hands on my behalf.

After that frantic moment was over though, I had what I still remember to be one of the greatest nights of my 12 years of schooling.

So good luck to the graduating classes of 2013 for your end-of-year exams, and of course, for the formal and  schoolies.