Jordan de Goey celebrates a goal.
Jordan de Goey celebrates a goal.

‘Big game’ De Goey deadly in attack

COLLINGWOOD have unleashed Jordan De Goey as a permanent full forward in the past fortnight as a star teammate backed him as the ultimate big-game player.

Reformed bad boy De Goey has already kicked nine goals this finals series but coach Nathan Buckley has abandoned his role as a part-time midfielder since the qualifying finals loss to West Coast.

In that game he kicked two goals but also spent nearly a quarter of his time in the midfield, attending seven centre bounces and winning 11 possessions for the game.

Champion Data statistics showed he hasn't attended a centre-square bounce since, demolishing Richmond's Alex Rance (four goals) on Friday night after kicking three majors on Matt Buntine and Nick Haynes in the semi-final win over GWS.

Greats of the game including Leigh Matthews and Dermott Brereton have lauded his perfect timing in assessing when to lead as well as his breakneck speed hitting up at the ball.

But teammate Adam Treloar said he was the strongest Magpie at the club in a one-on-one contest, finally combining raw power with hours in the gym to hone that strength.

Jordan De Goey is spoiled by Tom Cole.
Jordan De Goey is spoiled by Tom Cole.

"No one is more ready for a big game than him so he I expect him to come out firing," Treloar said.

"Jordy is built for big games so when you get the ball to him one-on-one, try to stop him.

"We have got so many mids going through there and Brayden Sier's development has not so much pushed Jordy out, but for him to be going so well the way he is why would you move him?

"Rance had to play on Coxy, and then Coxy was going so well and then he had to go onto De Goey and Jordy is so good one-on-one. It was so hard for anyone to play on him. Why change something that is going so well?"

De Goey's full range of tricks was on show, monstering Rance in a show of strength, darting back to hit up on a lead in the pocket, then beating him in a ground ball contest for three separate goals.

He is likely to again play on Round 17 opponent Will Schofield in the grand final on Saturday, with qualifying final opponent Brad Sheppard injured before Tom Cole was moved onto him.

Collingwood's players famously told De Goey to lift his professionalism when he returned to the club in November, with an unlikely partnership developing with his captain in the weights room.

"I think after what happened in the pre-season when he got into trouble he could have been a bit more professional and he knows that and Pendles took him under his wing," Treloar said.

"He is the strongest kid that I have ever come across and he is still a kid.

"You go up against him one-on-one in a marking contest, good luck stopping him.

"But he didn't really express that in the gym much, and Pendles said, 'Come on mate, let's push it here and he did. He was smashing everyone'."