Glenn John Wilson allegedly claimed to watch house staff that he had coronavirus.
Glenn John Wilson allegedly claimed to watch house staff that he had coronavirus.

Joking or lying about coronavirus is no laughing matter

COVID-19 has become such a serious issue that even lying or joking about having the virus can have very serious consequences.

Take offender Glenn John Wilson who was jailed from Toowoomba Magistrates Court for his involvement in the appalling and cruel "sport" of dog fighting.

The 50-year-old allegedly told watch house staff that he had the virus.

The mere suggestion forced the magistrates court in which he had been to be thoroughly disinfected - again - and those in the courtroom contacted.

Having covered the case for The Chronicle, I had sat close enough to Wilson and he had approached me during the lunch break to, as expected, protest his innocence.

When the magistrate told me what Wilson had allegedly claimed, I was compelled to tell my boss.

Like most companies, our employer has strict rules regarding COVID and though I suspected Wilson was not telling the truth, I was sent home to isolate.

Like anyone involved in the disgusting "trade" of dog fighting, Wilson's veracity was questioned by all but even after he had retracted his statement on Monday and said he had lied about having the virus, this reporter was still subjected to having to have the COVID test and get the "all clear" before I was able to return to work.

And, as anyone who has been tested for COVID can attest, it's not the most pleasant experience.

So, even in jest or in a lie, COVID-19 is no joke and shouldn't be treated as such.

One can only hope that those who dishonestly use the virus as some sort of sympathy gatherer face harsh penalties.