Gladstone jobs outlook depends on Arrow, Boulder

THERE'S been a huge amount of uncertainty for many months now as to whether Arrow Energy would actually build an LNG plant on Curtis Island.

It has the land, and it also has government approval to go ahead, but recent events and conjecture surrounding Dutch Shell have added fuel to the "it'll never get off the ground" fire.

So, if there's no Arrow, where does Gladstone go next, following the successful completion of the other three LNG plants?

Currently there are about 11,000 people working on the three projects, and roughly 50% of those are local people who one can expect will be out of work once construction is complete, leaving just 450 operational jobs.

At this stage there doesn't seem to be anything much in the way of future projects, which will make life pretty difficult for many.

The only light on the horizon is the Boulder Steel project, which would provide considerable jobs during construction and then 1800 in operation.

If no Boulder, where does Gladstone go?