Tyla Curran, 16, can't find a job in Boyne Island.
Tyla Curran, 16, can't find a job in Boyne Island. Rebecca Davis

Job options limited for kids who can't get to Gladstone

FINDING work is a tough job for many Gladstone youngsters, but the kids of Boyne Island say their options are even more limited.

Tyla Curran, 16, held a job at Eagle Boys for well over a year and got used to a steady income.

But she said low staff numbers meant high stress and it was just too much to deal with on top of school.

Tyla had been looking for work for six months before she decided to leave.

"It just really wasn't worth having a job there," she said.

It's been one month since she left and she has been looking for work continuously with no luck.

"I've dropped my resume in everywhere in Boyne Island and looked online," she said.

"I'm looking for anything in this area."

Tyla said the jobs in Boyne Island were limited and many of her friends had to travel into Gladstone for work.

"It's not an option for me," she said. "With travel it would cost mum more than what I'm earning."

Tyla said money was important because she was trying to save for a car and to pay to study to become a paramedic when she finished school.

"I don't know what I'll do if I can't find a job," she said.