Plant closure a shame for staff and oil shale industry

THE announcement on Tuesday that Queensland Energy Resources is closing its demonstration oil shale plant is disappointing, mainly because 50 Gladstone folk will need to find alternative work by the middle of next year.

However, the success of the project cannot be doubted.

QER has proven in the last couple of years that it is capable of producing high grade transport fuels, and one can only hope that an investment partner can be found in the near future to create a full commercially capable facility.

It's just on two years since the first diesel fuel was produced at the plant, and all tests have shown that not only does it produce fine fuel, it can also do it in an environmentally sustainable way.

Given the legacy the company picked up when it took over the assets of an earlier failed oil shale project, QER has achieved great things.

Gladstone's one big hope is that it won't be too long before circumstances are right to create more jobs for our community.