Job keeper exploitation must come under microscope


When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in this country it delivered an immediate financial blow to our economy.

Jobs began to be lost at an unprecedented rate and many successful businesses were becoming unstable and heading for collapse.

Our politicians were totally caught out and went into immediate panic because they did not know what to do or how to fix or contain the problem.

Their immediate response was to throw vast sums of money at the problem, but that did not work.

It was during this response that somebody came up with the idea of the Job Keeper Program.

It was very costly but luckily its implementation prevented further financial collapses amongst our business communities.

Even though it was an unfair, spasmodic, easily exploited program that benefitted mainly the wealthy, it literally stopped the financial erosion from continuing.

Because our inept politicians lack transparency and have  no financial controls in place to prevent these financial abuses from occurring, many businesses that were not entitled to any benefit were allowed to exploit the process and get substantial financial support from it.

Many of these businesses did not need the money they obtained from the process so the money was channelled into providing large incentive bonuses for CEOs.

These are the type of unsavoury practices that reinforce the need for a Federal Integrity Commission to be set up.

Even though these processes have been corrupted for personal gain by the wealthy our politicians don't seem to care.

Neo-liberalist belief and trickle-down economic theory continue to dominate Liberal/National Party thinking.

We need forward thinking politicians to design and implement successful solutions to our problems.

We don't need continuing political waffle and ineffective policies.

We can't continue to wallow in an unproductive political environment that continues to fail to meet our needs.  

Douglas Young, Silkstone