JM Kelly's Cessna plane is among the auction items. So far it is up to $40, 050.
JM Kelly's Cessna plane is among the auction items. So far it is up to $40, 050. Allan Reinikka ROK300119ajmkauct

JM KELLY LIQUIDATION: Place your bid for the plane now

THE BIDS on JM Kelly's plane have been flying high online this week since the liquidation auction went live on Thursday.

Among thousands of items, the most exciting and unique item is the Cessna 310R Fixed Wing Aircraft.

The first bid was $1, coming from a bidder in Rosslyn Bay at 10.44am, with the auction starting at 9am.

By that night it had escalated to $20,150.

Throughout Friday, it gained more bids, and ended on $30,050.

Some bids were actioned on Saturday, ending on $35,350.

At the time of print, the last bid yesterday was $40,050.

Most bidders have been from around Rockhampton.

Individual bidders from The Range, Etna Creek, Rockhampton and Parkhurst have been very active, along with one bidder from Rosanna in Victoria.

Some other high priced items include a Caterpillar loader which is up to $14,100 and a Hyundai excavator, up to $28, 050.

Some car buyers may be able to snatch a bargain with some vehicles still sitting very low. A 2003 Holden Commodore only has $3 on the bidding and another 2002 Toyota Hilux has $28 so far.

Office furniture hasn't gained much interested yet with some desks, chairs, printers and furniture all sitting under $10 still.

The auction will end this Wednesday.

There is 13 sections in the auction and they begin closing from 3pm onwards.

To have a go at the action, visit and search for JM Kelly liquidation.