Jewellery shop in hot water for using ‘sacred image’

A HINDU CLERIC has taken aim at a Tweed belly ring company for using the images of a sacred deity in one of its designs.

Rajan Zed, a Nevada, US-based Hindu leader yesterday called upon the Tweed Jewellery retailer The Belly Ring Shop to stop the sale of belly button rings with a design of Hindu Lord Ganeshs - the elephant-headed god of good fortune.

The belly rings in question titled 'Shri Ganesha belly bar'detailed with a small coloured image of the god, or a single elephant's head in a variety of colours. The rings are priced between $5 to $14.90.

One of the belly ring designs slammed by American Hindu cleric.
One of the belly ring designs slammed by American Hindu cleric.

Mr Zed said the design was "highly inappropriate" and Ganesha was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and "not to adorn one's belly button" or used as a "navel toy" or become a tool for "sexy navel fashion".

Mr Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism, also urged The Belly Ring Shop (Tummy Toys) and its CEO to offer an apology.

The company has been contacted but was unable to respond in time for publishing.

Tummy Toys has a range of 6,000+ belly bars.

It lists its mission as "no belly button is left without sensational bling".

Hinduism is the third largest religion of the world with about 1.1 billion adherents.

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