'I'm not broke, I'm not in Manila': Scam victim speaks out

Cathy Liu from Toowoomba Pearls is the victim of an email hacking scam. Photo Dave Noonan / The Chronicle
Jewellery dealer Cathy Liu has fallen victim to an online scam. Dave Noonan

JEWELLERY dealer Cathy Liu wants her valued customers to know that despite claims to the contrary, she is not broke and stranded in Manila.

The Toowoomba Pearls owner was horrified to find out a scammer had used her email account to contact clients in a bid to extort cash.

Ms Liu only found out about the hack when one of her customers rang her this week to ask if she was alright.

The customer had received an email from someone asking for financial assistance after being mugged during a holiday to the Philippines.

"I really worry some people will send money to these guys," Ms Liu said.

"If they think I need help they will (help)."

An additional concern is the theft of her contact list, which contained about 1000 addresses, as well as every item from her inbox.

"I don't want to make trouble for my lovely customers."

The invasion of privacy has left Ms Liu with no faith in the security of email.

"I decided I won't use email anymore.

"I will send letters."

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