Jessica Mauboy’s diet flip that’s made her ‘gassy’


Do you get your five a day?

It is most definitely a priority, particularly this last little while. I have been all about greens the last few weeks. It has made me really gassy. It has really flipped my stomach but it works. Now that I am a lot more thoughtful about what I consume and how that makes me feel.

Have you ever dieted?

I have actually never dieted. Over the years I have eaten what I have wanted but I have noticed during the whole COVID season, there is a change in my thighs or there is a change in my breasts. Having traced my body, mentally and physically my mind is open to giving things a go or relaxing more. I felt like I had the most anxiety ever in my life this year. When I think of diet, I think eat what makes you feel good. For me, when I am stressed, I automatically turn to eating. It is all about eating well, what is going to sustain the energy and keep me going.


Jessica Mauboy on stage during the 2020 Australian Open Girls Day Out. Photo: Getty
Jessica Mauboy on stage during the 2020 Australian Open Girls Day Out. Photo: Getty


Sleep or sex?

Oh sleep. I love my sleep. I am really torn with this one but I am going to choose sleep.

What is your absolute blowout meal?

Fries. I love my fries, anything potato, whether it is fried, mashed with butter or baked.

Have you had any operations? Broken Bones?

None so far and the amount of times I have worn six inch heels and felt like I have sprained or broken something, I have never.

What's been your biggest health mistake?

It is the 'no', not being strong enough to say no. If I am on my chicken and my broccoli and my sweet potato at the table and someone puts down the fries, I can't say no. Soft drink too.

What regular vitamins do you take?

Magnesium and vitamin B are the biggest ones for me. I love Hair and Nail by Swisse, that has been really good and I have noticed a change in the strength in my nails and that is a big thing for me because I used to be a nail biter. I also love these apple cider goji jellies, I love the taste but it has also got collagen in it. It makes me feel good.

Would you have plastic surgery? Botox?

I have had this conversation with girlfriends and my sisters and I have said no, that I wouldn't do that. I have enjoyed watching my progress in the mirror and seeing how I have changed as I grow up.

Originally published as Jessica Mauboy's diet flip that's made her 'gassy'