HEADLINE: Jeremy Marou will perform at Harvey Road Tavern on Saturday night.
HEADLINE: Jeremy Marou will perform at Harvey Road Tavern on Saturday night. Philippe Coquerand

Jeremy Marou to headline Summer Surf Girl fundraiser

THE Summer Surf Girl competition isn't all about looks and Tannum Sands Surf Life Saving Club stalwart Nicole Lowe is relieved that's the case.

"You wouldn't get me doing it if it was about that,” Nicole joked.

"It used to be (about that) back when it first started - it was more of a beauty pageant but it's not these days.

"It's not all about parading around looking good in a bikini - you might look good in a bikini but are you able to get on a board to paddle out or swim to rescue someone?

"Everyone has their own capabilities and abilities and they all come in different shapes and sizes, so it's good to see that the program has developed and it's more about the skill and knowledge that you hold about surf life saving rather than how you look.”

This year is the first time Nicole has participated in the Summer Surf Girl competition despite being involved with the Tannum Sands SLSC since she was seven.

The Summer Surf Girl program helps to engage female members within Surf Life Saving and to develop their skills and experience for their future careers within and outside the movement.

The program has injected more than $15.8 million into surf life saving clubs throughout Queensland since its inception in 1964.

All funds raised are distributed back into participating clubs to be used in a variety of ways, such as the maintenance and purchase of new rescue equipment, surf safety education, member development, increasing memberships and training programs.

Nicole Lowe is helping to raise money in this years Surf Safe Appeal.
SAFE HANDS: Nicole Lowe is competing in the Summer Surf Girl competition this year. Paul Braven GLA231016SURF

Nicole's main fundraising effort is taking place on Saturday night at the Harvey Road Tavern with the Tannum Sands Summer Surf Night Out.

The event was initially booked for the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre, but a lack of ticket sales forced a venue changed.

It's turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Nicole, as she is hoping the significantly reduced ticket cost will attract more people.

"Hopefully now that we've changed the venue and changed the ticket pricing to make it less than half the price of what they originally were at the Gala Dinner, we might attract some more people,” she said.

The event will feature entertainment from renowned CQ artists Jeremy Marou and The Easy Tigers plus a welcome drink and nibbles.

The Easy Tigers opened for Jimmy Barnes on Saturday night at Marley Brown oval.
The Easy Tigers opened for Jimmy Barnes at Marley Brown Oval last year. Mike Richards GLA210117EASY

"Jeremy Marou is part of Busby Marou who are an award-winning band. They are also on the TV now with the Queensland Tourism ad so they're actually quite famous,” Nicole said.

"So it's not just someone local who I've pulled in from down the road to help me - it's someone quite well known we've got playing on the night.

"Now instead of a sit-down gala dinner, it's still based on the same concept with the same entertainment but more of a laid-back night.

"We have got quite a few prizes that we've got to give away which have been donated to us throughout the year.”

Money raised on the night will go towards the purchase of rescue equipment and assisting volunteer beach patrols at Tannum.

The next stop for Nicole will be a week-long trip to the Gold Coast on May 14-18.

"We go down and demonstrate our rescue skills, put us in a scenario, set up a (beach) patrol or they'll send us up to Southbank where we've got to teach multicultural kids how to get on boards.

"Then we'll have an interview with a panel and May 19 is our gala night where they announce the winner.”