Drake and J Lo on Instagram
Drake and J Lo on Instagram Supplied

Jennifer Lopez and Drake filmed kissing at club

NOT everyone is convinced that Jennifer Lopez and Drake are officially a couple.

As video footage surfaces of the them kissing and dancing together in Las Vegas, more rumours have emerged about pair - and if it's part of a revenge plot or a publicity stunt.

J Lo and Drake were filmed getting close and cosy while dancing at the Winter Wonderland Prom in Sin City.
Several videos posted to Instagram also featured a backing soundtrack featuring each singer's vocals.

Already, fans of the two music artists have begun to think rumours of a duet or some sort of collaboration are possible.   But The Mirror newspaper reports that radio personality Funkmaster Flex has also accused Drake of using Lopez to get back at his rival P Diddy.   Drake has had an ongoing public row with J Lo's ex, hip-hop mogul Diddy.   Now Funkmaster Flex has seemingly called out Drake, claiming it could be an act of "revenge".   "J Lo? That's the get back for a punch in the face? Took me all day to figure this out!" he tweeted.  
  "Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new n**** fail!" he also added.   Drake and Diddy were involved in a brawl at a Las Vegas club in 2014.   So far Drake and J Lo have not confirmed the status of their relationship. But they have been sharing romantic photos on their Instagram accounts.   According to HollywoodLife.com, a source said that Diddy isn't happy about J Lo dating Drake, allegedly claiming he's a "downgrade" for her.   But now a source has claimed that the 47-year-old is "smitten" with Drake.   According to E! News, another source said: "Jen loves the attention and she seems very happy to be spending time with him."