77th Annual Golden Globes awards - ARRIVALS
77th Annual Golden Globes awards - ARRIVALS

Jennifer Aniston stunt leaves fans crying

Ever since Jennifer Aniston debuted her Instagram account in October last year, she's been delivering the kind of nostalgic content we've been craving.

But this time, she outdid herself.

The Friends star blocked out some time to surprise unsuspecting fans who were visiting the sitcom's iconic cafe set, Central Perk.

A special thanks goes to Ellen DeGeneres for recruiting Jennifer Aniston to guest host her show recently, on which Jen debuted this brilliant stunt.

We are eternally grateful.

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Jennifer - or should we say, Rachel Green - took a seat on the infamous couch to explain what she was about to do and clearly, she was just as moved as we were.

"Gosh it's been so long, it really feels like home," she confessed, before dashing off to hide behind the couch.

Four girls on the Warner Bros tour were led into the room and took a seat on the couch for a group photo, after being asked, "Who's your favourite Friends character?" by their tour guide.

One of the girls answered "Ross", only to have Aniston jump out from behind the couch, more than a little offended.

She went on to surprise more groups of screaming/squealing/crying fans and it may be the best thing you see all day.




Since the series wrapped 16 years ago, the six actors have remained close pals, with Jennifer Aniston sending Instagram into overdrive with her reunion snap last year.

Aniston, 50, shared a selfie with her co-stars upon joining the app that promptly went viral.

"And now we're Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM," the caption read.

Hours after the actress joined the social media site, fans were no longer able to follow her as the site crashed.