Jealous man smashes partner’s phone during argument

A GRAFTON man who broke his ex-partner's phone and pushed her to the ground during an argument over a new man has faced court.

Aaron Sutherland appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday where he was sentenced for intentionally or recklessly destroy/damage property and common assault.

According to police facts, about 1pm August 31 this year the victim was at work when Sutherland confronted her, accusing her of sleeping with another male some six weeks prior.

The victim stated the accusation was true, however didn't want to talk about it while at work, and Sutherland was asked to leave the location by the manager.

The court heard that at about 6pm the victim finished work and walked across to where her car was parked, and found Sutherland had parked next to her vehicle and was waiting for her.

The pair started arguing with Sutherland wanting to view messages between the victim and the other male. The victim gave her phone to Sutherland and he saw the messages.

The court heard he then became angry and threw the phone on the ground, smashing the screen and breaking it.

The argument continued and Sutherland pushed the victim, causing her to fall onto the ground before he drove away.

The victim attended Grafton Police Station to report the matter, and about 9.10pm that night Sutherland presented himself to the station where he was arrested and placed into custody.

In court magistrate Kathy Crittenden convicted Sutherland and he was sentenced to a conditional release order for 12 months.