handcuffs, arrest, generic, police, arrested
handcuffs, arrest, generic, police, arrested

Woman climbs rail bridge, forces road closure

POLICE were forced to close roads and Aurizon made to halt operations for more than an hour when a Gladstone woman climbed a railway bridge - a court was told.

Cherrillee Brittanie Hamilton pleaded guilty to several charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday, which included: one count each of go on a railway track, conduct causing public nuisance, obstruct police and the contravention of requirement of police.

The court was told Hamilton's offending occurred on August 27 between 6-7.30am.

The court was told Hamilton was sitting on the edge of the railway bridge above Glenlyon Rd refusing to come down.

Police were forced to block Glenlyon Rd and four separate police crews attended.

The court was told Aurizon also had to cease all rail traffic for 1.5 hours.

The court was told Hamilton suffered from mental health issues but had been involved in several episodes of similar offending.

Hamilton was also involved in an incident at the Gladstone Hospital on August 22 where she was abusive and aggressive towards police and hospital staff to the point she had to be sedated.

Acting Magistrate Mark Morrow said Hamilton's offending was "disturbing".

"You need to behave," Mr Morrow said.

"You keep coming back. You're going to spend fairly lengthy periods in custody.

"Control your temper."

The court was told Hamilton had spent one month behind bars for the offending and was ordered to complete 11 months' probation.