Jail, huge fine for fleeing dad

A METH user and soon to be father of four was hit with a fine of more than $6000 for failing to stop his car for police.

Instead, Brandon James Bagenal, from Booval, told Ipswich Magistrates Court he had been "scared" to stop because he was disqualified from driving at the time.

Bagenal, 27, this week pleaded guilty to driving when disqualified at Eastern Heights on October 26, 2017; failing to stop; and failing to appear at court.

Defence lawyer Naadira Omarjee said Bagenal should have known better and said at the time "he was using methamphetamines and this impaired his judgment".

She said when he evaded police "he was angry at himself from driving when disqualified and should have known better".

"He explained he was scared at the time but that is no excuse."

Ms Omarjee said the matter was a wake-up call to him, and Bagenal claimed he was now four months' clean from drugs.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Bagenal there was a mandatory fine or 50 days' jail for the fail to stop offence.

"You made a very foolish decision, costly financially," she said. "For a 27-year-old father, you don't show common sense."

Bagenal was fined $6307.50 and $200 for failing to appear at court; and disqualified for another two years.

It was his second disqualified driving offence.

Bagenal was sentenced to two months' jail which was suspended for two years.