GONE: Jaeger O'Meara is all smiles during a Suns training session at Metricon Stadium.
GONE: Jaeger O'Meara is all smiles during a Suns training session at Metricon Stadium. Chris Hyde

Jaeger drops bomb of own on shattered Suns

THE harsh nature of AFL football has been there for all to see this week.

If it's not players being left heartbroken over decisions on playing futures, it's the clubs themselves.

A day after North Melbourne made the announcement it was cutting ties with four veterans - one of them incredibly being league games record-holder Brent Harvey, in case you were living under a rock - the shoe was on the other foot at Gold Coast with a rising star declaring he was cutting ties with it.

It was probably no great surprise - and he hasn't actually played senior football for two years - but Jaeger O'Meara's decision to want out has rightfully cut deep.

And judging by the statement the club released yesterday, quoting chairman Tony Cochrane, they will be hellbent on playing hardball with any potential suitor, of which there will be many.

The Suns invested five years in the solidly built onballer, and they will know full well that if he can get his body right he has the potential to be an absolute star.

"The club traded two first-round selections to the GWS Giants to secure Jaeger as a 17-year-old, spent 12 months developing him prior to him being eligible to make his AFL debut, saw him impress on-the field in his first two seasons and have then spent the last two seasons investing time and resources into rehabilitating his knee following multiple surgeries with the club's utmost support," a clearly upset Cochrane stated.

O'Meara has been sidelined since suffering a severed patella tendon in a practice match in early 2015.

Sadly for coach Rodney Eade, who replaced Guy Mckenna at the end of 2014, he never even got the chance to coach him.

There is a strong belief that although he is a West Australian, he intends to relocate to Melbourne.

While it's name always comes up, Hawthorn will no doubt be at the head of the queue. The Hawks are desperate for fresh blood in the midfield, and the list of those available is lessening with Brad Crouch recommitting to Adelaide, Tom Mitchell believed to be staying at Sydney and O'Meara's Suns teammate Dion Prestia apparently choosing Richmond - he's obviously not keen on playing finals.

But, don't discount a club such as Essendon, which will have the prized No.1 draft pick to offer up to the Suns ... or even use on him.

What a silver-lining that would be for the Bombers after the turmoil they've been through.

"As Jaeger doesn't qualify as a free agent, AFL rules dictate he holds no rights to determine his destination of choice," Cochrane stated.

"With that being the case, Jaeger is on the market to a club that can provide us compensation we are prepared to accept. Should an appropriate exchange not be met he will have the option to enter the draft.

"It's the right time for the club to make a stance. And we do so for the sake of our current players, supporters, partners and the thousands of junior AFL participants who are building the foundation of this club."