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Ambulance. Emergency Services. September 2017 Bev Lacey

'JACKASS': Out-of-control teen smashes in woman's teeth

A 17-YEAR-OLD with a serious history and a proven negative attitude toward authority had his first taste of adult court after his violent actions against two people caused an array of injuries.

As the young man sat handcuffed behind a glass barrier in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday, the court heard how a verbal argument between him and his mother had soured, resulting in wilful damage, assault and obstruct police charges.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said that on November 27 at 10.20am, the defendant and his mum were arguing near shops along Philip St when things escalated.

Mr Reece said, the teen, in a fury, punched a building's window, causing it to crack loudly.

He said when a man who had heard the commotion confronted the defendant, the teenager ran toward him with outstretched arms and threw punches at the victim, who was able to avoid them.

The court heard, the victim then grabbed hold of the defendant and pushed him to the ground.

Mr Reece said that in the struggle the defendant bit the victim on his chest, breaking his skin and causing the victim to let go of the defendant. The court was told a woman then came outside and saw the defendant's mobile phone on the ground.

Mr Reece said the defendant allegedly ran toward the woman, grabbed her and threw her head first toward the pavement.

The court was told the victim suffered grazes to her chin, palms and hands and injured her ribs and teeth.

A short time later the defendant was found by police, from whom he fled.

The teen eventually stopped running and was arrested, but, during his transport to the watchhouse, spat in the car.

Magistrate Melanie Ho was told the schizophrenic teen had ADHD, an ice addiction and could be bipolar.

She heard the teen spat at police during every interaction in the past and had previously verbally abused Ms Ho.

Defence barrister Scott Moon agreed, and said: "Yes, he needs to stop behaving like ... a jackass."

The matter was adjourned to today so the defendant could undergo a mental health assessment.

*The Observer initially reported bail was refused for the defendant by Magistrate Melanie Ho. However, this has been corrected now as bail was neither refused nor granted as the matter was adjourned to December 1. The defendant remained in custody until this appearance.