Shayna Jack is reportedly upset with Swimming Australia bosses.
Shayna Jack is reportedly upset with Swimming Australia bosses.

Jack upset with Swimming Australia

Shayna Jack and her team are preparing for Friday's blockbuster meeting with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

The meeting will be the first time Jack will found out just how much of the banned substance Ligandrol was in her system.

Jack was notified she had returned a positive test for the substance prior to the World Swimming Championships with her B sample also returning positive on July 19.

She was reportedly notified on Tuesday she will receive the maximum four-year ban for her failed drug test unless she can somehow prove her innocence.

ASADA swiftly responded to these media reports with a clarification over their sanctioning.

"On 28 July 2019, ASADA released a statement confirming it was conducting an ongoing investigation," the statement read.

"Under ASADA's process an athlete is never officially sanctioned whilst an investigation is being conducted. The time taken to finalise an investigation and complete our legislative process varies but can take several weeks/months due to a range of factors including affording athletes procedural fairness."

Shayna Jack is reportedly not happy with Swimming Australia.
Shayna Jack is reportedly not happy with Swimming Australia.

But now the latest report indicates Jack's fury is being sent in the direction of Swimming Australia bosses.

Swimming Australia CEO Leigh Russell stated the governing body was unable to go public with the news of the provisional sample unless ASADA or Jack did so first. A claim Jack is upset with according to The Daily Telegraph.

Jack reportedly approached Swimming Australia on several occasions if she could go public but was told not to speak up, according to the report.

The report also alleges Jack was prevented from saying goodbye to her teammates after being notified of her positive test.

Statements from Russell and Swimming Australia have put the onus on both ASADA and Jack to reveal the tests.

"The ASADA agreement requires Swimming Australia to maintain confidentiality until such time that ASADA or the individual athlete release details of an adverse test result," Russell said on Sunday.

"I accept that this is a frustrating position, but I also accept that Shayna has a right to a fair process. She has told us that she was planning to release the adverse test result this week. She said she wanted to wait until her teammates had finished competing."

"I do think that people can make mistakes, and seemingly and inadvertently be taking things.

"It does take a high level of care and vigilance, they (athletes) are not living like normal human beings.

"It stands to reason that from time to time you are going to get people who have potentially not realised that something is on the list.

"But it doesn't matter, it is their fault."

Jack continues to plead innonence and has previously stated she did not know she ingested the drug. A claim her team will need to prove to ASADA if she's to prove her innocence.

The swimmer had suggested that she took a tainted supplement and that is how Ligandrol came to be in her system.

Her lawyers would need to argue and prove that her supplement was tainted to prove Jack's innocence.