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Jack on path to Commonwealth Games after silver in Ecuador

GLADSTONE swim coach Tom Fronek reckons one of his swimmers is on a great path to compete at the next Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Jack Ireland has just returned from the INAS Global Games in Ecuador, South America, and he has a silver medal to prove it.

Competing in 50 metres freestyle and backstroke, 100 metres butterfly, the 200 metres medley and 4x50 metres and 4x100 metres relays, he achieved personal best times in every race, "but I only got a silver in the 4x100 relay", he said.

Jack, who suffers a mental disability, said competing in Ecuador was quite overwhelming, with swimmers from all over the world.

"It was quite different from swimming in Australia," he said.

"The weather was hot, and the water temperature was about as warm as it is at home in summer."

It was his first time visiting South America, but in the week and a few days that he was there he had little time to see the sights.

He's also looking forward to the next INAS Global Games, which will be held in Brisbane in 2019.