Roxy Jacenko was
Roxy Jacenko was "crumbling" inside despite looking together. Picture: Jenny Evans.

Jacenko reveals strain of husband's jail sentence

AS one of Australia's biggest names in publicity, Roxy Jacenko knows how to turn it on.

As a mother of two, multiple business owner and brand ambassador - the PR queen thought she could take on the world.

That was all until she reached "the worst 12 months" of her life.

Her husband, Oliver Curtis, had been sentenced to prison for insider trading. She faced a year alone raising their two young children Pixie, 5, and Hunter, 3, at their Bondi apartment.

She had businesses to run, and within three weeks of Curtis's sentence - she faced another blow. At 37 years old, Jacenko was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Behind the shiny facade, the designer handbags and million-dollar smile; she was in damage control - and she was "crumbling".

"It was the worst 12 months of my life," she told

"I got to the 11-month point (during Curtis' jail term) and I broke.

"Five days I'd come to work with puffy eyes and miserable ... I'd then have to go to a function or an event and I'd have to turn it on. And yes I would turn it on, but I was crumbling inside.

"I couldn't cope anymore."

The first wedding of Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis at Quay Restaurant in Sydney’s Circular Quay.Source:News Limited
The first wedding of Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis at Quay Restaurant in Sydney’s Circular Quay.Source:News Limited

But instead of seeking help, Jacenko said she did what she does best. She went on with the show.

"You put this façade on, that everything is fine and everything will be OK, but it wasn't," she explained.

"There was so much sh*t. I'm critiqued for what I wear and critiqued for being a bad mother because I work.

"I was critiqued for what I wore to the trial. But if I didn't go, I'd also be critiqued.

"If I wore garments from Kmart I'd be critiqued because that's not what I'd normally wear. "There's nothing I can do right."

When Curtis was sentenced in June 2016 - Jacenko started to lose her happiness.

"I was very depressed ... I hid it (but) I was miserable," she said.

"I had a lot of resentment (towards Curtis). Why did he let me have children if he could potentially go to jail? It's irresponsible, how could he have told me it would never happen?

"I was angry, and I was resentful."

This week, Jacenko revealed that she didn't think there was any hope for her five-year-marriage while her husband was behind bars.

Speaking to exclusively, she admitted she'd spoken to a divorce lawyer while Curtis served his jail sentence at Cooma Correctional Centre.

"We were at each other's throats, so when he went for 12 months, I set up a life for myself and the children and that was it. I thought that would be the end of it (marriage)," she said.

"He (Curtis) knew that as well. He didn't want his marriage to end, but he was aware of the circumstances and that it hadn't been easy.

"Marriages are hard at the best of times, to throw what we had into it - it's a disaster."

Jacenko, who alongside her own business commitments is the digital fashion ambassador for Birkenhead Point's new high-end outlet precinct in Sydney, says her life has gone back to have normality, especially for her children.

"My life (now) is completely different," she said.

"I went from being very depressed ... now, I am very focused on my work, my children are happy and I'm happy.

"I am calm, I'm collected, I'm not all over the place running everywhere to try and make myself happy.

"The chapter is closed. I'm now very focused on my work ... and I've got normality in my life."