It’s up to us to stamp out drug culture in Gladstone

THERE is obviously a huge demand in Gladstone for illicit drugs, judging by the number of drug arrests and busts in recent times.

And there must be extremely big money involved if alleged offenders are caught twice doing the same thing in the space of a few weeks.

Our police are doing a brilliant job in trying to keep the lid on the illicit drug manufacturing business, but the removal of illicit labs and other policing activities is only a part of the solution.

We as a community need to find ways to deal with the greater problem, which is the demand for the drugs in the first instance.

And that's a vexed issue - most drug users will be heavily reliant on their 'fix', so at some stage more programs will need to be set up to help these people remove themselves from their dangerous habit.

If the drug users are not helped, the demand will continue and the manufacturers and distributors of drugs will continue to find ways to continue their insidious and life-destroying businesses.