Now settled in, it’s time to celebrate the small victories

SO THIS is what it feels like being a new woman.

No, not a married woman - though the wedding was lovely, thank you for asking.

But it's not newfound marital bliss that's prompted my fresh outlook. (Also, a new column name! Much easier to change than my own - but possibly perplexing for some readers. One Geoffrey Breslin Senior has asked several times why a new bride would return to work. But I digress!)

Rather, it's eight months clocked up in Gladstone - and the realisation that this "new girl" is rapidly becoming a stayer.

Yup, my wide-eyed Gladstone honeymoon is over - so let happily ever after begin?

Two weeks back in Melbourne made me notice that Gladdy was rubbing off.

For starters, sunny central Queensland has put a stop on making small talk about the weather. Or even thinking about it, actually.

Our big day was booked for a Melbourne bowling green - and the thought never crossed my Queenslander mind that the sun might not shine.

Not that I needed to worry - in two weeks of grim grey days, our Saturday was a gorgeous 28 degrees.

But my powers of positive thinking didn't impress my less optimistic family.

For days after the event, they shook their heads and muttered darkly.

"But what if it HAD rained?" they demanded.

I stayed sunny.

If the past eight months have taught me anything, it's been to celebrate small victories.

Full-time positivity isn't my thing - so fear not, HappyrockMaz, you can keep your title of cartwheeling LNG cheerleader.

This Pollyanna prefers more petite things to be glad about.

And I've decided that Gladstone provides plenty.

While the Happy Rock chorus is all too often a litany of complaints, I'm saving this space to celebrate the victories - big and small - that dance across my desk.

Why? I guess the answer's in the column name.