One reader said he would like to see cyclone waters recycled.
One reader said he would like to see cyclone waters recycled.

It’s time for the northern cyclone waters to be turned west

THE new year is here. We hope that for those who had a bad year in 2018 the new year will bring better things.

Toowoomba has fared well, weather wise, even though the farmers missed a winter crop due to the dry.

Unemployment is low, so that almost everyone who wants a job can get one.

We had one of the best carnivals ever, the Christmas lights in Queens Park had their biggest night ever.

We'll see the Second Range Crossing open later at a still undisclosed toll.

Our dams seriously need topping up this summer as they drift toward the level where pumping from Wivenhoe will be triggered.

Matt Weatherley reiterated a very pertinent point in a letter recently. It's now time for the northern monsoon/cyclone wasted waters to be turned west. It will cost, but will pay off for ever as large areas of drought prone Western land can be made viable forever.

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy New Year. Remember there's no need to be rich to be happy. Just be content and enjoy our lot in life.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba

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