Mo making Dad hard to recognise the fluff of nightmares

AS THE upper lip whiskers turn into a good length of growth throughout the month, those participating in Movember may look a little different to their usual clean-shaven selves.

I know from firsthand experience that a bit of facial hair can make some almost unrecognisable.

I realised this at the age of two.

Of course I don't have the greatest memory of the experience, but the story has been told enough times that it feels like I do.

A day-long plane trip is all it took for my Mum, brother and me to travel to our new home in Kalgoorlie from Bundaberg.

My Dad had completed the big drive three months prior, which also gave him plenty of time to achieve some facial hair growth.

But little Tegs wasn't a fan of Dad's 'stache-and- beard combo.

After keeping his own company for three months, Dad was lovingly welcomed back in to the new family home by my Mum and brother.

I, on the other hand, had a different opinion.

When Dad decided to greet me, I broke out into tearful fear.

A mysterious man who I couldn't recognise tried to snatch me from Mum's arms.

And I had no time for it.

It wasn't until Dad had a shave that left just his usual little 'stache that I returned to my normal self and happily welcomed Dad into our new home.

In saying that, I hope no Movember participants this year scare off their own children.

If someone you know is supporting the men's health fundraiser don't forget to donate. You never know, they too may be risking their identity.