Blue and White Taxi chairman Allan Rowe.
Blue and White Taxi chairman Allan Rowe.

Long wait for taxis in city on weekends draws ire

GLADSTONE taxi passengers are up in arms over long wait times for cabs in the city centre on the weekend.

Good things come to those who wait but Gladstone resident Samantha Thorogood, 28, and her friend were left high and dry recently when they decided to head home at 1am after a night at the Yacht Club and the Reef Hotel.

"After waiting at the rank we called Blue & White Taxis and were advised a taxi would be with us 'as soon as possible'," she said.

After a long wait the duo returned to the Reef for a drink "rather than spending the whole night in the cold" before returning to the rank and managing to catch a taxi at 2am.

"It wasn't a one-off thing; it's an ongoing problem in Gladstone," Ms Thorogood said.

"Many of my friends agree and choose not to go out on the weekend because it's too difficult to get home.

"In Tannum they have a shuttle bus which is good but then there are still issues with drunken people on the bus.

"Hiring more cabs is the ideal solution to the problem."

She says safety is her number one concern.

"We could have been there for hours," she said.

Blue and White Taxi chairman Allan Rowe said his company was well within the minium service level set by the Department of Transport.

He blamed an influx of Curtis Island workers for a spike in demand on Saturday nights.

"It's their one big night of the week and they're all in town," he said.

Mr Rowe said Blue and White's aim was to get people off the street quickly.

"We also have a lot of maxi cabs who can offer multi-hire where taxis can pick up a number of people and drop them off at different locations and customers can pay as they go.

"It's a great way to save money and can get more people of streets."

He said Blue and White had a high priority on safety.

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