Tony Arandale and Aris Suhartanto are passionate about promoting Pencat Silat
Tony Arandale and Aris Suhartanto are passionate about promoting Pencat Silat

It’s Silat history as event will be held for the first time

MARTIAL ARTS: History will be created by the Silat Langkah Baru club in Gladstone when it hosts the National Pencat Silat Championship tomorrow at Clinton State School.

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Action will start about 9.30am after the opening ceremony.

"We have got competitors from Melbourne, Sydney, South Australia, Ayr, Cairns and Brisbane and we have got a strong contingent of about 30," Silat Langkah Baru head coach Tony Arandale said.

Competition will include various forms of fighting and the main ones are match and seni artistic.

"Match is tanding which is basically contact sparring with three rounds with two minutes per round," Arandale said.

"The seni artistic is jurus tunggal is international standard and we have three competitors from Gladstone and they are Olivia Gehle, Aisling Potts and Susan Bloomfield."

Arandale said there was an opportunity to host the event at the port city.

"The Australian Pencat Silat Federation have had recent titles in the big cities," he said.

"We saw it as an opportunity for them (competitors) to travel here and asked them to have it here and there was an agreement made."

Coach Aris Suhartanto is in his second visit to Gladstone and comes from Jogjakarta, a city of four million on the south coast of Suva.

"It's great for the growth of Pencat Silat in Australia and that's one of our primary focuses," Suhartanto said.