Coast man claims his $2m prize after winning Lotto almost one month ago.
Coast man claims his $2m prize after winning Lotto almost one month ago.

'It's made my f---ing year': Coast man's $2m lotto win

A COAST man discovered he's unknowingly been a millionaire for almost a month after scanning a lotto ticket tucked away in his wallet.

With an 18-QuickPick entry from Aussie News, Palmview, the man - who wishes to remain anonymous - got the shock of his life when he scanned the ticket at an outlet today and found he was a $2m Saturday Gold Lotto winner.

As the entry was not registered to a Winners Circle card, Golden Casket officials had no way to contact him.

While unsure of how he'll spend his windfall, the man said it had "taken the stress off my life".

"I had no idea man," he said.

"I just checked it, that's all I did and oh my god.

"It was tucked away in my wallet, I just brought it down and put it through - I've been away for work and had no idea.

"It's made my f---ing year - sorry about the French but I just can't believe it."

Aussie News owner Stephen Laing said it was the first division one winning entry his outlet had sold.

"We've been letting everyone know we've sold a division one and asking them to check their tickets," he said.

"We've had lots of people coming in wanting to see if it's them."

There's still a mystery millionaire on the Coast with a $1.024m prize unclaimed from 10 months ago.

The resident or visitor bought their ticket on December 19, 2016 from Cotton Tree News, Maroochydore.

Last financial year, there were 275 division one winning Saturday Gold Lotto entries across the Lott's jurisdictions, which collectively won more than $283 million.

The lotto's division one winning tally has now reached 355 so far this calendar year, including 92 won by Golden Casket customers.