Swamp crayfish, which was found near Noosa. Photo Chris Van Wyk
Swamp crayfish, which was found near Noosa. Photo Chris Van Wyk Contributed

It's cray-cray how small these crayfish are

THERE is a bit of confusion about whether a Noosa man has a colony of the smallest crayfish in the world.

A science website says the swamp crayfish is reportedly the world's smallest but Noosa marine enthusiast Chris Van Wyk says it's probably the second smallest - behind the Mexican dwarf crayfish.

Mr Van Wyk, who has a particular interest in crustaceans, found the crayfish in a swamp in Noosa about a year ago.

"For a long time I didn't know what they were," he said.

He conducted a lot of research and then discovered he held a species that had a distinct genetic make-up and was a creature no one knew much about.

He said this particular type of crayfish was found only in Australia and was originally from the Brisbane area. Unlike other crayfish, they don't kill fish and don't attack each other.

Mr Van Wyk entered his crayfish colony in the Ekka and it is the first time they have been exhibited at the Brisbane show.

His colony of crayfish, featuring about 15-20 of the creatures of all sizes, won second in the animals other than fish category.

Mr Van Wyk said there was a particular technique to catching crayfish. He said it was all about the time of day.

He says he has always kept aquariums - at the moment he has five - and that the hobby started when he used to catch yabbies as a boy.