EPIC MOVES: Paul Charalambous founder of Epic Yoga and Lifestyle.
EPIC MOVES: Paul Charalambous founder of Epic Yoga and Lifestyle. Greg Bray

It's been an epic journey for business owner and students

PAUL Charalambous fell into yoga after hurting his back and it transformed his life.

"In a previous life I was an accountant, sitting in an office staring at a screen all day,” Mr Charalambous said.

"But I'd hurt my back playing football and thought I had to do something about my back being stiff and sore.

"I started doing yoga and realised that it also helped with my surfing.

"Eventually I got more into the spiritual side and noticed I felt better in myself when I was practising than when I wasn't.”

Mr Charalambous eventually became a yoga teacher.

"I started teaching four years ago with one or two people showing up and the numbers grew until we could open a studio,” he said.

"It was called Salt Power Yoga but when we started seeing the amazing transformations yoga had made in people's lives we decided it was time for a re-branding.

"We weren't just teaching yoga classes, but helping people live their most epic lives.”

Epic Yoga and Lifestyle was born.

"There's always a reason people try yoga,” Mr Charalambous said.

"It might be to help with chronic pain, illness, depression or even divorce.

"People practise to improve their motorbike riding, surfing, running, business mindset or simply to unwind.

"The relaxing, restorative- type classes have more men in them because it helps them to de-stress.”

Mr Charalambous said Australians' stress levels were at an all time high.

"Nearly 80 per cent of illness and disease are stress related,” he said.

"We're busy at work and home, the devices in our pockets are always beeping, it's hard to get out of the stress loop.

"Having skills and mechanisms you can use every day to naturally reduce your stress levels is better than taking a pill.”

Epic Yoga and Lifestyle is holding a two-dollar, two-week trial to allow new students to try all the classes to find one that suits.

"We'll donate that money to charity as well, a safe house in Nepal that rescues kids from abuse,” Mr Charalambous said.

To learn more visit the Epic Yoga and Lifestyle website or Facebook page.