Security firm claims peaceful approach reducing assaults

Kurt Schulte-Schrepping and Jamie Law of Big Dog Security.
Kurt Schulte-Schrepping and Jamie Law of Big Dog Security. Kevin Farmer

IT'S an unexpected thing to hear from a burly crowd controller, but Kurt Schulte-Schrepping says you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

The managing director of Big Dog Security said it was this new, less aggressive approach to security staffing at pubs and clubs that was behind a significant drop in assaults in Toowoomba's CBD.

In 2012, 160 assaults were recorded in the CBD, with only 97 recorded last year.

Mr Schulte-Schrepping said police, security companies and venues were working together to create a more positive environment in pubs and clubs.

"When crowd controllers are thought of as people who would bounce people out of pubs, they would approach it with this aggressive mentality," he said.

"That's not how we operate at all. With people these days, even if they're drunk…they're not overly difficult to deal with if you show respect.

"It's a very friendly place to be overall."

Fellow managing director Jamie Law said the vast majority of pub patrons did the right thing.

"The people that we have to deal with are a very small percentage."