State of Origin: It’s all-out war, says Choppy

CHRIS "Choppy" Close is one of a handful of players to be named man-of-the-match in more than one State of Origin game.

He was also the manager of the Queensland team that defied the odds and the critics to whitewash New South Wales 3-0 in 1995.

Paul Vautin's collection of "Nevilles" won the first game 2-0 before wrapping up the series in Melbourne in a clash that featured one of Origin's wildest brawls.

Close speaks to APN about what Queensland needs to do to win the decider and reclaim the shield.


"Let's get this right once and for all.

There is absolutely no place for respect when it comes to State of Origin.

You can say whatever you like about David Klemmer, but the kid is fair dinkum.

There is no weakness in his courage, and he has everything you need to play State of Origin football.

There was some talk after game two in Melbourne that he should have shown more respect to the senior Queensland players.

Well, you know what?

That's a load of crap.

This game we play isn't about having respect for players for what they've done, it's a fierce competition, a battle to the very end.

It's real.

There's no room out there for respect or politeness.

When you put your hand up to play Origin, all that goes out the window ... while you are playing.

If you have time to respect an opponent you aren't doing your job.

Klemmer eyeballed every Queensland player in Melbourne and said: "I am here boys, come get me."

This is a kid built to stand his ground, built to withstand anything. He has no fear. Those are great attributes as far as a competitor goes.

Personally ….. I hope he is the first player that defies the ridiculous no-punch edict and clocks someone on the chin in game three.

He almost did in game two.

I hope his age allows him to lose the plot completely and he smacks someone in the head.

Any player can be pushed over the line, but Queensland probably don't want him to snap because he could do some damage they can't repair.

In reality though, the Maroons don't need to worry about Klemmer, they need to worry about what they are doing.

They can't change what he is going to do. They can't change how he plays, that's not what the game is about.

In the end, the series will come down to which players find it within themselves to go to the level that is required to win.

We didn't do that in game two in Melbourne. We thought we could get away with a win with a club-level performance.

Origin doesn't happen that way.

JT's incredible effort under fatigue to sprint at full pace and fling Josh Dugan back over his tryline is the kind of superhuman effort we will require from every Queensland player to win the decider.

I know this much.

Queensland can't win if they rely on past reputations, or by riding on the coat tails of what they've achieved in the past decade.

Every Queensland player has to dig deep and go to that next level.

He has to give everything he has for 100% of the game - regardless of what David Klemmer or anyone else in a blue jersey does."

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