Team effort, embracing technology helps newsagency win

TECHNOLOGY may be changing, even in the humble newsagency game, but owner/operators of Park Street News and Gifts, Aaron Cameron and Jodie Hinchlifee, never forget the most important thing: customer service.

Having operated the business for nearly 13 years, Aaron and Jodie have come to realise the importance of looking after locals.

Aaron said to win an Observer Westpac Best in Business Award in the newsagency category shows that the business has great support and loyalty from its customers.

"These awards are so beneficial to our business because not only are they great publicity but it is nice to know that the customers are the ones who have the final say on who wins," he said.

"Customer service is definitely a huge part of our business and I believe this is where we excelled to be nominated.

"I am proud to be a part of our region's business community because it continues to still be very lively and a great environment to work in."

Park Street News shows the importance of local businesses keeping up-to-date with modern technology.

"As technology is changing the way we live, we'll be introducing a new product called 'Connect' in the coming weeks," he said.

"After buying a paper, gift, magazine or a Lotto ticket, our customers will soon be able to send a parcel, pay a bill, print photos, buy store gift cards and a large range of other products and services all from an in-store kiosk.

"Until then we would like to thank our customers for their continual support, The Observer and Westpac for their great promotion and support of local business and all the team at Park Street News and Gifts."