Italy records 475 deaths in one day



Italy has recorded 475 new deaths from coronavirus - the highest one-day death toll of any nation.

Total deaths in Italy have reached 2978 - more than half of all cases recorded outside China.

The number of infections is now 35,713.

The previous highest death toll in one day was 368 - also in Italy - on Sunday.

Italy - with a population of 60 million - has recorded 34 per cent of all deaths worldwide from the virus.

"They main thing is, do not give up," Italian National Institute of Health chief Silvio Brusaferro said in a nationally televised press conference.
"It will take a few days before we see the benefits" of containment measures, said Brusaferro.
"We must maintain these measures to see their effect, and above all to protect the most vulnerable."

In other developments, Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced all schools across the United Kingdom will close from Friday.

It comes as borders are jammed across Europe and Asia as countries hunker down to try to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

A line of trucks up to 60 kilometres long was reported at the Polish border,  while drivers in Malaysia endured traffic jams for hours as they tried to get into Singapore.