Emily Patterson and her partner KC Baker.
Emily Patterson and her partner KC Baker.

Wedding services refusing same-sex couples will lose out

EMILY Patterson wants to be able to walk into a room and say: "Yes. I am marrying a woman."

The 20-year-old child care worker has been dating her girlfriend and partner, KC Baker, for three years and hopes to marry the 21-year-old sometime in the next five years.

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The concept of marriage is special to Emily and she believes she should be able to show the world she wants to spend forever with KC.

She said it would be discrimination if any wedding company denied her and KC its services, as Anglican minister Dr Gordon Preece has suggested.

"I would be offended. I would walk out of the place and tell as many people as possible because I wouldn't want that to happen to someone else," she said.

"They would lose business at the end of the day and actually boycotting themselves."

She was confident it wouldn't be an issue in Gladstone.

"I find that Gladstone is a very accepting community," she said.

"Obviously you get the few people who are closed minded but the majority, even some of the churches I've been associated with, are accepting or at least aware."

But she thought if the law on same-sex marriage changed people may not always assume her partner was a man.

"If someone asks if I have a partner they assume, using (the word) 'he'," she said.

"I go along with it simply because it's easier than getting someone who will change their opinion on me instantly."