Central Queensland producer Will Wilson has destocked on third of his cows due to drought conditions.
Central Queensland producer Will Wilson has destocked on third of his cows due to drought conditions.

‘It will come’: Farmer’s hope for drought-breaking rain

Drought stricken farmers in central Queensland are already seeing the effect of significant rainfall in the region.

On his property approximately 50 kilometres west of Gladstone, cattle producer Will Wilson said parts of the land have begun to change.

"Where there has been a little bit (of rain) leading up to this, it certainly has," he said.

Mr Wilson guessed that anywhere between 25mm and 100mm had fallen in areas across the district, and said the heavier falls seemed to be enough for the country to absorb and hold desperately needed moisture.

"You can get bogged after 50mm, and getting bogged is a good thing," he said.

The current drought is "the worst it has ever been" according to Mr Wilson, and the extended dry conditions are the primary reason he has destocked one third of the cattle he normally runs.

While the recent rainfall is not enough to break the drought, he hoped it was the start of the recovery.

"It will come, there has never been a drought that hasn't broken," he said.

As Agforce cattle president, Mr Wilson has also been in contact with producers across the state, and said that while some farmers had cause to celebrate, many others have missed out.

"There are people that haven't had rain," he said.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the Gladstone region received up to 20mm in the 24 hours between 9am Thursday and 9am yesterday.

Areas around Mt Seaview received as much as 66mm.

Falls dropped off sharply yesterday morning with 2mm recorded for the Gladstone region between 9am and 2pm.

There were more substantial falls further south with Miriam Vale receiving up to 15mm.

The wet weather is predicted to continue across the weekend, with a 90 per cent chance of rain across the Gladstone region on Saturday and falls of between 9 and 30mm predicted.

Things are expected to ease off by Sunday before returning to largely dry conditions early next week.