Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer
Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer

'It wasn't me': $1200 fine for bizarre Goondoon St outburst

"YOU should not have done that" was the advice a magistrate gave a Gladstone man after his bizarre outburst at police during a night out clubbing.

Christopher John Yarrow pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to one count of commit public nuisance in the vicinity of a licensed premise.

The court was told that on July 27 about 3.40am Yarrow was walking along Goondoon St when he saw police officers walking a man towards a police car.

The court was told Yarrow did not know the man, however, yelled at police to leave the man alone.

"Leave him alone you f---ing scummy c---s, you f---ing dog c---s," Yarrow shouted.

The officers warned Yarrow if he carried on he too would be arrested.

Yarrow continued with his "tirade of abuse" until the officers approached him.

Yarrow told police it wasn't him, however, when officers put him in the police vehicle he picked up where he left off with more abuse.

Defence lawyer Bianca Hight said Yarrow, 24, was a labourer and father.

She said around the time of offending Yarrow had received bad news and did not "take it well".

"He doesn't remember the event well ... he has apologised to everyone involved and also wants to apologise to police," Ms Hight said.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said it appeared Yarrow had "resorted to alcohol".

"You probably shouldn't have done that," Mr Kinsella said.

Mr Kinsella noted the man being arrested before Yarrow was a stranger and that the men had no connection.

Mr Kinsella said Yarrow "undermined" police authority.

"The police then had to put up with you," Mr Kinsella said.

Yarrow was fined $1200.