COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Tahnee Roach ready to make a delivery. Picture: Warren Lynam.
COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Tahnee Roach ready to make a delivery. Picture: Warren Lynam.

‘It was traumatic’: Surf club helps family through double whammy

A COAST family that suffered a "traumatic" blow just before COVID-19 claimed their financial stability have become one of the many community members to receive a helping hand.

Marcoola resident Julianne Kealey's husband Leo spent five weeks in hospital and underwent 10 surgeries to save his foot after he was ran over by a car in his backyard in February this year.

Mrs Kealey said the distressing accident became a "double whammy" when COVID-19 spread.

"He lost a good portion of his foot … so, not only was it a life-changing accident but it was very traumatic for the family unit," she said.

"Neither him or I can work, and our son was working at the Marcoola Surf Club but unfortunately he lost his job as well, so it was a little bit difficult for a while there and still is."

The family received two lots of meals from the Marcoola Surf Club as part of their Corona Curtesy Drive which delivers free meals to those in need from Mount Coolum to Pacific Paradise.

Mrs Kealey said the support shown by the surf club during such a difficult time was heartwarming.

"We've had daily appointments with Leo, and they would turn up with meals for our family of five,' she said.

"It was so good to come home and have a meal on the table and not worry about it, so it was not only financially great but a big help in that way as well.

"I just can't praise them enough for their community spirits and their care for the people in our community.'

Marcoola Surf Club duty manager Tahnee Roach, who has become the Corona Curtesy bus driver during the COVID-19 pandemic, said delivering the food was a great opportunity.

"It has been absolutely amazing, it's kind of soul food," she said.

"Their appreciation shows so much, I had one lady actually break down and thank me."

From green curry to fried rice and bangers and veg the initiative delivers a wide variety of meals.

Marcoola Surf Club stand-in media co-ordinator Lucas Marvel said after receiving JobKeeper repayments the club wanted to do something to help the community.

"The chef had food that was ready to go and they wanted to do something with it and we had time on our hands and we wanted to keep the ball rolling in some way, so we just put together the meals for people," he said.

"We might be in this position for a while and we don't know how long … so, if you can stabilise certain areas like income, food, relationships and keep these ties together things might be able to stabilise enough for people to keep on keeping on at the minute."

Meals can be ordered on Monday and Wednesday and are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The number of meals is capped at six per delivery.

Anyone that is in need or knows of someone that could benefit from the free meals can contact the courtesy bus phone on 0488 782 818.