Tamsin Olsen and her nine-year-old daughter Ayla.
Tamsin Olsen and her nine-year-old daughter Ayla. Warren Lynam

'It sucks up your soul': Ice addict mum's inspiring recovery

A MOTHER-of-two and former ice addict has opened up about the new life she has created for herself on the Sunshine Coast.

After a failed first attempt at recovery, Tamsin Olsen said she spiralled out of control and started selling ice to maintain her $800-a-day habit.

Her years of abuse stemmed from depression, insecurities and a need to feel nothing.

"At the start it's great, it's amazing, you know it's bad but it becomes what you chase," she said.

"You almost like the pain and like destroying yourself.

"It's one of those drugs that grabs a hold of you and sucks the soul out of you."

Ms Olsen was an addict for "many years" and it wasn't until she lost custody of her daughter and went to jail that she decided to turn her life around.

"This was my second recovery and it was a lot worse than the first," Ms Olsen said.

"I went to jail for Centrelink fraud but it was best thing ever for me."

After detoxing in jail nearly three years ago, Ms Olsen got her daughter back, relocated to the Sunshine Coast and has been clean since.

"I just wanted my child back and I wanted my life back," she said.

Ms Olsen said she found herself a stable job, got a house, bought a car and created a whole new life with her nine-year-old daughter Ayla.

"I've been at my job for almost a year now and she's a happy girl at a great school and I just have massive support group around," she said.

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She said the key to getting out of bad habits was changing the people she associated with, although she found that hard before moving to the Coast.

Ms Olsen said there wasn't enough information about rehabilitation programs and support groups for people with addictions.

She said it was the lack of support that sucked her back in after the first recovery.

Ms Olsen said that she found the tools she needed after she moved to the Sunshine Coast and learnt that using was never an option.

"It may numb your pain but it makes it worse the next day," she said.

Ms Olsen is encouraging users to get help and relocate to get out of the addiction.

"It was really hard but you meet good people," she said.

"Move yourself to where there's good support and surround yourself with the good, it's the only way."