CLASSIC: Reverse psychology is how Joshua Wulf describes one of their recruitment techniques.
CLASSIC: Reverse psychology is how Joshua Wulf describes one of their recruitment techniques.

Is this the funniest job ad of all time?

THEY say we're naturally refreshing here on the Coast but one digital recruitment agency is appealing to the more cynical side of IT professionals.

Just Digital People have posted one of the most in-your-face job ads of recent memory on, dividing job seekers but providing an hilarious take on Sunshine Coast life.

The digital recruiters are seeking to fill a full-time role in Information and Communications Technology programming and developing for .NET and Angular experts.

It's carrying a healthy pay packet of between $100,000-$130,000 per year, but it's clear it'll take a certain type to slot into the role.

"The Sunshine Coast- why would you even?" begins the ad.

"If you hated your job in the city, wait until you take away all night life, employment opportunities, social interaction, and technology," it continues, painting a very different picture to the Sunshine Coast than many would have you believe.

"If all else fails, consider a career change - perhaps spending some time in the mines. Perth is contracting, but you might be able to get something in the Solomans or Bougainville.

"Take a trip overseas. Buy a pet. Try a new religion. Listen to the entire Black Sabbath discography backwards. Drink craft cider in a microbrewery wearing a Santa's Elf costume.

"If you've tried all this, and you still want to do .NET and Angular on the Sunshine Coast, then - and only then - get in touch," it wraps up.

Just Digital People's Joshua Wulf, listed as the contact on the ad, then goes on to make clear only the "top 5% of candidates" should apply.

It's quirky, cutting, witty and it's working Mr Wulf reckons.

"It's amazing how people react to a presentation like that," he said.

"The people who do apply are really motivated.

"It's a bit of reverse psychology."

Mr Wulf's already had another ad go viral, his job offering of meaningless, repetitive work in Brisbane doing the rounds of global media.

"People say this is the most real job ad I've ever seen," he said.

He's had divided responses to his approach on his Twitter page, but says he is flooded with resumes, some mailing him personally with their CV.

But don't worry Sunshine Coast, Mr Wulf is only poking fun in jest.

"I want the people of the Sunshine Coast to know I love them and I love the Sunshine Coast," he said with a laugh.

Check out the full Seek ad here.