Is this teen’s catch a Spanish mackerel world record?

Stephanie Macpherson with her 36.5 kg Spanish mackerel.
Stephanie Macpherson with her 36.5 kg Spanish mackerel. Contributed

TEEN fisherwoman Stephanie Macpherson may have caught more than she bargained for when she went out chasing Spanish mackerel off Mackay.

Stephanie, 18, hauled in a massive 36.5kg fish, which measured 1.74 metres when weighed in at Sarina Beach Store and has her relatives searching the record books.

"As far as we are aware the world record for a Spanish mackerel is 42kg, but that was caught with a speargun," Stephanie's uncle Dave Gibbons said.

"We don't know how to find out about that."

Stephanie said her first experience of catching a Spanish mackerel was "pretty exciting".

"I've always just caught snapper and flathead before," she said.

"I love fishing and I've been doing it for ages, but I hadn't been fishing for a while so we decided to go out around Prudhoe Island.

"I started reeling in this fish but if it hadn't been for my uncle I don't think I'd have got it in.

"He grabbed onto the rod and if he didn't do that I don't think I'd have got it up.

"I've never seen a Spanish mackerel before. I thought it was a shark; when it got into the boat it was a little bit scary.

"We're going to have a lot of fish for dinner."

Gibbons' wife Cherie also got into the act on her 38th birthday by landing a 24.5kg fish.

"I caught one too, but it was a 5kg tiddler. But they're good eating," Gibbons said.

"We had another five fish on but couldn't land them. I have no idea what size they were."